Want to work with me?

As a newly-minted blog looking to work out all the kinks in running a site for a larger audience, my services are currently limited to photography-related requests. Email me at okaytodayproject[at]gmail.com for current rates and expanded services.

Moving To NYC by Jetplane Jean

What does that mean?

My primary job and passion in life has led me to establish myself as a professional photographer working out of my studio in Brooklyn, NY. From lifestyle campaigns, to simple product photography for your brand, I can help you achieve beautiful imagery to help your brand stand out for better in-person sales as well as create a more cohesive online presence.

Luxury clothing brand based in Boston


What if I don’t sell a product, but have a restaurant or niche hostel?

Great! Let’s get some great images by showcasing your best dishes and chefs choosing the daily seafood from the market. I’ll make sure to capture the minute details of each boutique room in your hostel, and can make that tiny common area seem like the perfect hang out space you initially envisioned.

Food photography by Cassidy Kristiansen


I’m a part of a tourism board or tour group and somehow ended up here, what can you do for me?

Glad you asked. Want me to showcase some of the hottest bars in an up-and-coming area? How about the rugged landscape that could use more travelers during the off-seasons? Are certain tours not selling as well as other? My job is to not only highlight the beauty and uniqueness of each country I travel to, but to also provide you with the necessary imagery to really pique a travelers interest about a lesser-known area within the country/region.

20 Inspiring Photos Of Iceland That Will Have You Packing Your Suitcase ASAP


I’m a fashion/food/lifestyle/etc blogger that wants to take my blog to the next level. Is this something you do?

Yes! A lot of my clients are lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, and even some foodies! Whether you want a one-off shoot, or an on-going partnership, let’s start a dialogue!

Lifestyle photography by Cassidy Kristiansen


Okay, I’m just a regular person that doesn’t own any of the above, but really would love a new headshot. Can you help?

Yes! If you find yourself in New York City, I’d be happy to photograph you in my mini studio or at the location of your choosing. From actor headshots to model portolio updates to corporate headshots, you can reach out.

Aside from that, I photograph events as well as the occasional wedding. Feel free to browse the rest of my portfolio here: www.CassidyJean.com



I really love your photography, every time I travel I always end up with the most boring images that don’t do the place justice! How can you help me?

Whether it’s in-person (Boston, NYC, or Fairfield County only) or via Skype, I offer tutoring from how to operate your new camera, to getting better travel selfies, to editing techniques.

New Mexico Sunset

A two minute self portrait with a New Mexico sunset

If something in there suits your needs, feel free to shoot me an email at okaytodayproject[at]gmail.com. If you still don’t fall under any of those categories, or are interested in hiring me for any writing pieces, or to feature one I’ve already done, don’t be shy! I’d love to figure out a way to work with you.

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